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30.04.2005 | Mgr. Mária Timková - Poliaková, PhD | Čítanosť(7456)
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Abrahám - v prostredí starovekého Orientu

Dokument: (cca 53 kB)

The story of Abraham described in The Old Testament biblical texts has the key

Position in Jewish, Moslim and Christian history.Person of Abraham is an example of true

Faith and devotion to God. He answers the basic question what is at the beginning of relation

between God and man. Abraham and his family similarly as other nomad and half-nomad

nations of countries of the Old Frontal Orient made their living as shephards. The picture and

character of shepard is widely developed in the texts of the Bible. This occupation had been

respected, religious and secular leaders were often called shepards. Even the Old Testament

often presents God as shepard of Israel. Personality of Forefather of faith, peacemaker

Abraham outlines as one of lines of mutual inter-religious dialogues of Judaism, Christianity

And Islam.

Zdroj: Theologos 2005, č. 1.
Autor: Mgr. Mária Timková - Poliaková, PhD - všetky články od tohto autora (1)

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